Monday, May 17, 2010

So, I have been MIA on the blog posting recently. I am such a slacker. I am not doing so well on the weight loss, I have not lost anything. :( But nor have I been keeping on myself to exercise at least every other day. The healthy eating hasn't been a problem, it helps being vegan. I have been conscious of keeping fruit or veggies around to munch on if I get hungry between meals. My wonderful husband brought me dark chocolate tonight, YUM! The 2 best things about 70% chocolate, it is vegan AND you can only eat 2 or 3 squares (small squares mind you) and you have to stop, it's so rich. nom nom nom nom, just melts in your mouth.
School work has me crazy, my finance class is going well, my communications class not as much. There is just gobs of readings to do and I am having troubles finding the time to read 5 chapters in one week. My other classes have been a max of 2 chapters a week, so 5 is a bit much. That said, not that I have finished a little school for the night, time to sit and do finances with the hubby since we didn't so it Saturday morning. Time to see if we have money, or the lack there of.

best of luck to all the other guys and gals out there striving to be healthier people. Healthy people = a healthy planet.


  1. It's so true...being vegan really does force you to eat healthy! True, I only follow the vegan diet until dinner time but it absolutely saves me in the day time snacking department. :) It's nice to know that 70% chocolate is vegan. Thanks (or maybe not thanks) for that tip. Now I'm thinking that some strawberries with dark chocolate chips might be in my future.

  2. ooh, there you go, with strawberries, yum. You might still want to check the label, the cheaper brands might have milk fat in them. We have found 2 brands of "regular" chocolate chips tat are vegan, so I can still bake cookies for people. I do my best not to eat them. :)